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Friday, February 14, 2014

Special SALE - Every Third Saturday!

Every third Saturday, in celebration of the art walk in downtown Placerville, we will offer a sale on of some of our wonderful books. We are open late, until 8:00 p.m. for third Saturday festivities. 

Look for the table out front with a wide selection of books from one particular subject each month. These books will be an additional 40% off our already-low Bookery price! 

Inside the store, the rest of the books from that subject will be 10% off our price. This month, February, the sale subject is Relationships and Psychology, so come take a look this Saturday, February 15, and get a wonderful deal!

Third Saturday Sale Sections:
January: Biographies
February 15: Relationships and Psychology
March 15: Cookbooks
April 19: Gardening
May 17: Travel and Foreign Countries
June 21: Nature, Birds, Animals
July 19: Kids Books
August 16: Old Books, Gift Books, Classics
September 20: Organization, Home Decor
October 18: Arts and Crafts
November 15: Military and History
December 20: Health and Medical

Be sure to mark your favorite interests on your calendar!

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