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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pop-Up Bonanza!

Did you know that we have two overflowing shelves of pop-up books at the Bookery?
There are some amazing gems in there...
check it out:

they really come alive!

All different subjects to keep little wandering minds fascinated and alert this summer, from creatures to masks to trucks!

The kids will feel like their books are coming alive right off the page!

Some of these are truly beautiful....

While others offer new perspectives on classic storybooks:

Here is a very sweet tiny one:

And a 3D glimpse at a magical world:

Every child (and most adults too!) love a good pop up book.
They provide a unique new twist on the reading experience.

Come discover the magic!

The pop-up books and lift-the-flaps are located on the right hand side as you enter the children's section, up high on the top two shelves to stay safe from enthusiastic little hands. Please take a moment to peruse some and share them with your loved ones. They are truly special and exciting books!