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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why We Love Real Books and Bookstores

As much as we appreciate technology, we still believe that there is nothing like the experience of visiting a bookstore or reading a real book.

Just stepping into a bookstore, you never know what special gems you might encounter.

The smell of books delights many of our customers: books piled on books, old books and new books, hardbacks and paperbacks, classics and tall tales and wonderlands of enchantment.
Alluring colors and shapes and words await you, beckoning from hearty old wooden shelves.

When you enter a bookstore, you enter a world of discovery.
There are so many things you might never have expected to run across.
For example, if you didn't come inside and peruse our shelves, you might not know that we just got in a wonderful collection of Trompe L'oleil books. Trompe L'oleil is the art of realist imagery and illusion that creates a 3D effect, especially in murals and buildings.
Opening one of these rich tomes up, you find that it is chock full of intricate and breathtaking art and provides limitless entertainment and inspiration.

Who knows what you might find around the next corner?
Perhaps a gift-quality book of Talouse Lautrec circus prints?

Or a book of collectible Rolling Stones posters!

An independent bookstore like the Bookery will probably feature books by local authors.
Here we have one of Naida West's exciting tales of local western lore, a book of meditations by a local philosopher sage, and a mystery set right here on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

Other treats abound, like handcrafted bookmarks created by a local artisan.

The wonderful thing about an independent bookstore like our own, is that it represents its local community.
Be sure to check our bulletin board for events around town!

And across the entranceway you'll find information and photos about our very own old historical building that once housed the famous Blue Bell Cafe. Take a little trip back in time as you imagine the many characters that have passed through these doors and spent time on these premises.

Also reflecting local lore and history and community, inside we have a brand new display case of antique Gold Rush era bottles found in our very own backyard!

Two local Gold Rush afficionadoes and diggers spent many long hours digging for these rare treasures, and in the end, presented us with this wonderful case and historical description.  Make sure to take a look on your next visit; the case is located just up and to the right of the cash register and front desk. 

Best of all, when you enter a bookstore, you get a chance to chat with other book lovers. You might get a great recommendation for a new favorite title, or see an old familiar face, or hear an interesting story.
There is nothing quite as satisfying as real connection with real people, even more so today in our busy and distracted world.

You may even get lucky enough to pet our resident cat Goldie...

or the sweetest bookstore dog in the world, Abby.

We thank our county for naming us favorite bookstore for many years now, and hope to continue to provide customers and readers with the unique joys of bookstore discovery for years to come!

Along these same lines, make sure the read the article in Sunday's Sacramento Bee.

It's a great article, and we at the Bookery have to agree: a bookstore like ours offers charms and knowledge and discovery that cannot be matched by any online search or electronic reader.
We hope that you'll all come visit as often as possible!

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